Digital marketing is something that’s not constant. As a successful marketer, you need to analyze the market growth, strategies, new innovations and their effects on the said field. There is always some new trend to integrate into the strategies to get the best results. And after studying email marketing thoroughly for the past few months, we have listed down the email marketing trends to follow in 2019 that can make a huge difference for your business.

As we step are about to step into 2019, the change of tools, strategies & much more is upon us. We should be flexible with our tools and modes of conducting marketing strategies and the way through which we are communicating with our potential customers.

Over 3.8 billion people use email as their professional communication tool & a mode of conducting business. Hence, Email marketing is undoubtedly the most used marketing strategy by almost all the companies these days and it will be used for many years to come.

When done with the right tools & thought-out strategies, email marketing can give the highest return on investment which makes it perfect for small businesses and enterprise companies. Email marketing has a huge potential of increasing your profits, customer base and also ensures that you are getting a maximum response from the targeted audience.

Therefore, it is crucial to use the best and latest email marketing practices according to the changing needs and tastes of the customers. So, here are some new age email marketing trends to follow in 2019 that will help you create great buzz among your potential prospects:

Email Marketing Trend No.1: Diversified Segmentation


segmentation while targeting them using email marketing. This results in the poor response from their email marketing campaigns. But as we step into 2019 customer segmentation in email marketing is going to play an important role for successful campaigns.

According to various reports, properly segmented and better-targeted emails can increase business profits by 20 times in a small span of time. It has also been observed that about 60% of the increase in earnings is achieved if the emails are segmented with a good strategy and better audience targeting.

Here are some ways to get you started with segmentation:

  • Demographics: Segmentation based on age, gender, company position & their income level.
  • Surveys & Quiz: A survey can give you a detailed insight into your prospects mind & their interest which you can use for audience segmentation later.
  • Email Engagement: Go through your past email campaigns & study their open rate, clickthrough rate & response rate. These are one of the best insights to use when segmenting for your next campaign.

To read in detail such strategies for email marketing segmentation, check out Neil Patel’s 10 Quick and Easy Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies to Try Today.

Email Marketing Trend No. 2: More Text, Less Graphics

The way we design and format the emails will experience a huge transformation in the coming year. Email Marketing field has seen a heavy trend of graphical emails that looks attractive and puts a good impact on the consumer.

But now the trend will shift towards the emails which are designed in a simple friendly text and lesser graphical content. Due to the changing nature and taste of the customers, the users now don’t like to entertain the emails that are stuffed with graphics & images. Such emails take a longer time to load which can easily annoy your potential customer & drive him/her away.

There is also a good chance that your potential prospect might make your email address as spam.

So, in order to make a good first impression through emails, lesser your graphical images & include more straight-forward & well-thought text.

Email Marketing Trend No. 3: Storytelling & Situational Based Content

Use of storytelling and situation based content has been very effective in grabbing the attention of the recipients and potential customers. Including the good storytelling content in the emails can influence the behavior of the consumers effectively. Hence, this trend is taking a big take off in 2019 & is at the top of our email marketing trends of 2019.

Add a heart touching story to your emails or just add the story of how you started your company, the cause behind your operations and you will win over most of your recipients. Such types of emails have a good tendency to take the reader from story to the point of news and actual content gradually and thus influencing the customer.

Marketing experts have understood the importance of storytelling in email marketing and applying it in an effective way.

Email Marketing Trend No. 4: Mobile Friendly Content

One of the crucial things to consider with email marketing is that your emails are mobile-friendly. Studies have shown that over 53% of the users use their mobile devices to open emails. There are over 1 billion users of Gmail and a major chunk of Gmail users open their emails on their mobile devices.

These stats make the entire case for why should you always go mobile-friendly emails when it comes to email marketing. And the importance of mobile-friendliness will become more and more important in the years to come.

Here are some other stats & reasons to back this email marketing trend of 2019:

  • People look at their phones 150 times & spend 4.7 hours a day on an average
  • Your audience will get annoyed if your emails are not mobile-friendly & will opt-out of your subscriber’s list.
  • Mobile users are increasing day by day.
  • Mobile users are more engaged than their desktop counterparts

To learn 15 more such reasons, read 19 Reasons Why Your Email Templates Should Be Mobile-friendly.

Email Marketing Trend No. 5: Privacy of the Recipients & Data Security

Personal Privacy and data security have been a very important concern for every internet user in recent times. There are many data protection policies coming and this may change the marketing strategies. Thus, the marketers need to be very flexible and careful in drafting the marketing strategies so that new regulations and policies don’t hamper their marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Trend No. 6: Use of Artificial Intelligence

Companies have already started the use of Artificial intelligence to enhance their email marketing strategies and their results. AI is being effectively put to use to draft fantastic subject lines and effective content and images which have changed the scenarios of digital marketing strategies and will be doing the same in the coming years.

Use of AI in marketing and automation of marketing strategies is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years and it is all set to become the most important base for the successful email marketing campaign.

AI will only continue to grow from here on out and it will make the most effective email marketing strategies. For the coming years, artificial intelligence will be a big part of email marketing tools as well which will be making the job easier for all the marketers & business house.

Wrap Up

Email marketing is the smart & safe investment and looking at the trends mentioned above, it seems like it will keep on shifting and shifting as we move forward in the years to come.

With the help of some amazing strategies, you can do wonders and make the most of it.

So, now you have some amazing trends that are going to hit the email marketing front in 2019 which can help you stay ahead of all the competitors.