Marketing trends have changed a lot in the last 5 years and various innovative ways of effective and low-cost marketing strategies have shown their worth in this tough market. In this fast-growing market and changing taste of public, it is important to be parallel in the race with the changing trends of digital marketing techniques.

One of the revolutionary marketing automation software that is being appreciated by one and all is SendHippo.

SendHippo is an all-inclusive marketing software that has been specially designed for new age entrepreneurs and budding businesses that are looking for a permanent solution for all their marketing needs. This software is a complete package that along with creating effective marketing campaigns, it also automates them and customises them along with professional monitoring of all the ongoing campaigns.

In addition to these features, this software also carries out your email campaigns along with real-time reports and analysis. These features help the users to review their campaign and plan there further task in an effective manner.

SendHippo allows you to start from scratch and work your campaigns all the way to the finish with maximum efficiency and total transparency, all while providing API integration to break the boundaries of software platforms, making it a versatile marketing tool. You can keep a track of your campaigns while you’re on the go and still access the functionalities of SendHippo.

No matter where you are, you will always have things working at the touch of your fingers. We also understand the importance of contact management. As we said that, SendHippo is one stop solution for all your marketing needs, this software also provides a user-friendly contact management platform which has a plethora of options ranging from importing to advanced micro-management of contacts.

Here are the detailed features of SendHippo:

E-mail Designer

The SendHippo’s e-mail designer is a management tool that is designed for professionals. It has some user-friendly diversified options that allow the user to personalise and customise newsletters, advertisements for specified target audiences, email campaigns and what not.

This feature enables the users to just simply drag and drop items to form exceptional newsletters and a range of templates that makes it really convenient to customise your content according to specific needs and styles.

The e-mail designer removes each and every platform based restriction, as you can design unique & responsive e-mail newsletters making your newsletters mobile-friendly. In order to create more impact, the SendHippo e-mail designer further provides the ability to send uniquely designed e-mails with personalised messages.

The e-mail Tester feature acts as a fail-safe and the user can always send a testing e-mail to themselves, before hitting the send button.

Campaign Reports

This feature helps to give you an extensive and holistic viewpoint from where you can clearly understand the performance of your campaigns across a network of audiences and devices.

It enables the user to better understand customer segmentation based on demographics, geography, purchase behaviour, lifestyle, etc. and gain solutions to create marketing messages that are bound to draw excellent results.

The real-time and dynamic insights help all types of advertisers to assess, analyse and track their campaigns with an aim to grow at each and every stage of their journey. These highly detailed campaign reports enable our clients to pinpoint the audience’s area of interest, according to their geographical locations.

SendHippo’s Campaign reports are designed in a very comprehensible manner and the reports can be easily downloaded in the format of your choice.

The feature also suggests marketing tools such as images, links, and media that your specific audience will respond to the best.

The Campaign reports feature will also avail key information about the most used devices among your target audience, hence enabling you to use all the insights to your advantage and make the superior advancements moving forward.

Marketing Automation

SendHippo’s Marketing Automation is a platform designed to automate the marketing process and sales engagements. It also helps the users to generate and measure the reach and outcome of the marketing campaign.

This platform allows users to develop stronger customer relationships and provide a personalised customer experience by easing your administrative tasks.

This feature offers a wide range of options from scheduling communication to contacting prospect leads by targeting audiences at every stage of the cycle. The platform aims to observe individual activity, recognising interests, suggesting efficient actions, and engaging audiences accordingly.

SendHippo’s Marketing Automation makes use of every piece of information to the fullest, in a lucrative manner to build the perfect campaign, just for you.

Contact Management

We at SendHippo have deeply understood the importance of managing, organising, and making use of contacts and thus we have carefully designed a Contact Management system that will fulfil l all of your contact management needs.

The Contact management platform has the ability to import, organise and categorise contacts by giving utmost priority to the target audiences for specific campaigns and it also creates dynamic lists according to the user’s criteria and distributes them into folders that are super easy to manage and edit.

SendHippo has also added a “contact form” feature, where users can create custom contact forms as well as subscription forms, which can be universally integrated according to their audiences.

Wrap up:

Above mentioned features can definitely give you a clear picture of the fact that how SendHippo is the new revolutionary one-stop marketing solution for all your digital marketing needs, which will assist in planning, observing, organising, and executing your marketing plans.

With the use of our multi-dimensional platforms and tools, your business can not only grow but significantly flourish with an increased sense of self as well as audience awareness.

If you have any queries, kindly feel free to contact us at Our team will be glad to assist you and explain various features according to your needs and requirements.