In the world of digitalization, marketing is one of the key aspect defining the growth of the company. How your brand is being represented in the digital world says a lot about the product or services you are offering. And the best way to market your product/service is craft a perfect marketing campaign. An email marketing campaign, social media marketing campaign, YouTube marketing campaign and such. But researching, planning and implementing these campaigns are not the hardest parts. The hardest part is to break down the campaign result numbers and make sense out of those. Besides that, you will have to come up with the strategy for the next campaign which SHOULD include the results of your previous campaigns.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

If our introduction went over your head, then you are in the dire need of our detailed Marketing Campaign Tracking 101 article.

Let’s get started by listing out some exclusive benefits of the marketing campaign tracking.

Why Tracking your Marketing Campaigns is Important?

According to the Forbes 2015 inside report, most of the marketing executives does not go by the data-driven marketing campaign tracking and only 22% of them have data-driven initiatives which are doing well in their business comparatively. So, to run a successful business in this digitalized world, your focus needs to be on data. And more importantly the results analyzed from the data collected.

The second reason, of adapting to the marketing campaign tracking systems, is to filter out the obsolete methods of marketing and the tools which are costing you fortune but not providing any ROI.

Once such methods & tools are out of your marketing funnel, you will see a gradual increase in ROI and ultimately the revenue.

Another reason tracking your marketing campaign can be a good idea is to invest your money in the marketing campaigns that actually work.

In past tracking the marketing campaigns might have been a problem but in recent times, with the rise of digitalization, advanced marketing tools and everything getting automated, marketing campaign tracking is no longer an obstacle.

So, let’s move to the next part of our article i.e. the elements you need to track your marketing campaigns efficiently.

3 Elements You Need to Track Your Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Web Analytics: This is one of the most used and known method of tracking your marketing campaigns. Web analytics is tracking the web traffic from different marketing campaigns like email campaigns, social media, YouTube and much more. Apart from tracking the visitors, it is essential to track the number of visitors converting into actual customers.
  2. Email Campaign Tracker: Today the main communication system of the professional world is email. That is the sole reason you need to keep a track on your email marketing campaigns. And it is a cakewalk to track your marketing campaigns with tools like SendHippo. Such tools with features like email marketing campaign tracking, auto-responder, & drip emails can easily track open, reply, bounce & CTR rates of your campaigns.
  3. KPI Tracking: This is the step where everything comes together. KPI stands for key performance indicators. Any type of data that can provide you with an insight of your marketing campaign can be taken as a KPI. The KPIs set by your company for different campaigns when compared with the results you got after tracking your campaigns will give you the bigger picture. A picture that will help you identify the best & worst performing campaigns. As an entreprenuer or marketing manager, it is your role to choose the correct KPIs for your company in order to make sense of marketing campaign tracking.

Now that we are done with what to use for your marketing campaign tracking, let’s add some more value to your time by listing down some of the ways to track these marketing campaigns like a pro:

3 Ways to Track Your Marketing Campaign like a Pro: (Marketing Hacks)

  • Setup a Landing Page: If the major part of your marketing is being done online then it is best for you to set up a landing page on your website. We would advise to setup a different landing page for different marketing campaigns. This would give a better understanding of the conversion rate of particular marketing ad. You can also make use of Google Analytics which can put the number of visitors on a particular landing page into perspective giving you some data to compare to.
  • Be Handy with Web Analytics: Besides having a landing page, you can also make use of web analytics that can monitor your goals and provide you with a comprehensive outlook of your web traffic. Getting a hang of web analytics will also help you understand your website visitors with data like demographics, devices, operating system and more importantly how much time they are spending on your web pages.
  • Assign Unique Coupon Code: This trick works in many different ways. Every time you roll out some discounts or offers to your customers make sure you assign a coupon code to it. This will help you track the results of the sale you carried out. Doing this will help you give a better sense of what your customers like and on what occasions they want to spend on your products.

We are almost done with the article but before we wrap up we would like to add a segment where we list out the tools that provide the most useful insights of marketing campaigns.

Tools to use to Track Different Marketing Campaign:

  • Social Media Campaign Tracking: Every social media platform has a built-in analytics system. So, tracking the marketing campaign effectiveness in these social platforms is effortless and hassle-free. For example, in Twitter, The Automatic count of likes and re-tweets will make you understand which of your marketing tricks are effective and which ones are not. But in case you want a comprehensive look of all your social media marketing campaigns then we would suggest Buffer and Hootsuite.
  • Website Analytics: Now, everybody knows the best analytics are provided by Google Analytics but besides that we would recommend you use heatmapping tools like Hotjar. This tool will give you a deeper knowledge of where your visitors are spending time and which CTA is working in your favour.

And in the we have covered the tool to use for email marketing campaigns in the “3 Elements You Need to Track Your Marketing Campaigns” section.

Wrap Up:

The marketing industry is vast and it would be foolish to step into the game without having knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

And the only way to learn what works for your business or brand is to experiment. Experiment with your marketing tactics but make sure that you are tracking each & every level of your marketing funnel.

We would love to know which tools you use to track your marketing campaigns. Let us know in the comment section.