Every business requires an effective marketing plan for growth as well as increased revenue sales. Based on any number of factors that includes the size of the company, type of industry, competition and many more, it is necessary to implement the right marketing strategy. Composing the innovative marketing strategy suiting the appropriate environment would definitely bring the positive results to the maximum. Reaching out the number of audiences is more important for increasing the effective marketing sale and it would definitely be useful for ensuring that the business gained more profit. Many numbers of marketing tools are available for the modern business to thrive in a heavy competitive market.

Sending Bulk Email:

When you are carrying out the marketing campaign with the help of traditional postal services then it would definitely cost you more and takes more time to deliver it to the potential customers within the time limit. The online marketing campaign is considered as a boon for the modern business to easily reach out the number of audiences in a more significant manner. Bulk mail is considered as one of the most amazing and innovative marketing tools that work perfectly for easily increasing the business awareness and trend to the maximum.

With the rising power of modern Internet marketing gives you the benefits that would definitely give you more marketing strategies. When you are looking for the best option to How to send bulk email free then Send Hippo Software is one of the most unique options for every business to the maximum. In fact, cost of the bulk email marketing is quite attractive and it would be much more efficient to avoid the unnecessary charges on the business marketing campaign. Unlike the paper, postal services, print ink, newspaper space or any other services, the bulk email campaign is one of the most amazing ways to give a positive reach to everyone to the maximum.

Why Choose Sendhippo?

Modern business likes to improve their online campaign mode with the use of the innovative strategy and this Bulk email marketing is a perfect answer for everything in a much more unique manner. With the help of Sendhippo Bulk email marketing software, it is quite efficient to easily hundreds of potential customers in a short time limit and it would save you more. Sendhippo businesses main aim is to build as well as grow the relationship with the high-end marketing campaigns, marketing automation as well as contact management. How to send bulk email from Gmail is the biggest question for everyone in the modern day and Sendhippo online is one of the best options for the people to easily send a greaternumber of emails within seconds.

Advanced Email Designer:

Sendhippo online requires no set of designing skills to excel in the best way of easily HTML email newsletters. In fact, it is considered as a much easier option to choose the file attached in the drag & drop editor to send the main immediately.

  • Drag & Drop Feature:
  • Mobile-Friendly Emails:

HTML emails are uniquely designed by the innovative and expert email designer team from sendhippo’s so that it would give a beautiful and neat look on all devices.

Guidelines for sending bulk email

It is significant to know that Gmail platform is not developed to send the bulk emails because it limits the count of recipients and ever provides any marketing instruments. Hence, you can need to use the right email services equipped with an array of advanced features.  If you still desire to know How to send bulk email using Outlook, you can follow these steps.

  • At first, you can go to the Gmail or Outlook account where you can hover the cursor on “Gmail” and select “Contacts” option
  • The second step is to create a label. It is the recipient’s list you will decide to send the email to
  • After that, you can choose “Create a label”, and name it properly before clicking “OK”.
  • In this step, you need to click on an icon with the plus button at a lower portion of a page for creating the new contact
  • The final step is to fill out fields with all required details such as company, name, email, job titles, notes, phone and more before clicking on “Save” button
  • Once created your contacts, you can add them properly to previously developed list.  You can tick them all and navigate to the top before clicking on Manage labels.

Common variants to create & send emails in bulk

There are two different variants How to send bulk email through Outlook, which are given below

  • 1st Variant

You can stay in the “Contacts” option, choose the required label and tick email id you are deciding to send to before clicking on “Send email”.

You are redirected to the new browser space where you need to create as well as send the campaign.

  • 2nd Variant

When you are in an inbox, you can click on “Compose”.  You can type the label name in “To” field before creating and sending bulk email.

If you are facing any hassles with Gmail, you are recommended to opt for SendHippo which allows you to send emails for free.

What makes email marketing ideal for business?

Based on the new studies, roughly about eighty-six percentages of B2B marketers utilize email campaigns for generating new and potential leads while enhancing the business processes. If you are a business entrepreneur and you want to improve your inbound sales, you can opt for email marketing. It is because email marketing can be considered as an excellent way for delivering the business message to the potential customers. Email is a highly preferred medium used by many professionals throughout the world. When it comes to email newsletters, they are simpler to design and maintain. Most significantly, they are integrated easily with the email marketing tool like SendHippo. The main benefit of using this app is that it allows people to send the emails in bulk.

Conclusion: Email marketing process not only helps you to reach the potential prospects but also aids for contact management. It stores the record of contact between your potential clients and company for keeping every person in a team fully updated with the overall status of business leads. Sendhippo is a specialized email marketing tool that comes with advanced features including email design, campaign tracking, contact management and more. It will surely save time while sending bulk emails