Wondering why your email marketing campaigns are not proving to be a game changer? Why they are not bringing in new customers and adding value to your business? The answer lies in the process and strategies you have been using during the planning stage of any email marketing campaign. And by the end of this article, you will have plenty of email marketing tips to run a successful & result generating email marketing campaign.

E-mail marketing is an art which requires proper planning with a unique strategy & concept to bring maximum results. An ill-planned email marketing campaign will only drain the company and the investor’s finances.

Email marketing is among the best marketing techniques till date because it reaches directly to the customer and can generate sales on its own. Email marketing is one of the most reliable ways of adding new customers, nurturing your future prospects & keeping the old customers.

An effective email marketing campaign can reach the targeted audience easily and can be a game changer for your company. The campaign brings you, fresh customers, keeps old customers and keeps them updated with your company. But if your emails are not catching their attention & there is next to little response from them, then it’s just a waste of time and money.

And to save your resources, here we are with some brilliant tips and strategies that can boost the results of your email marketing campaign:

Email Marketing Tip No.1: Define Your Targeted Audience

It is very important to define your target audience so that the email campaign becomes more specific and effective. If your audience doesn’t find your emails relevant, then all your efforts are of no use. While designing your marketing campaign around a defined audience helps you get the desired result and the same will add value to your prospects & customers Inbox. Thus, ascertainment of the target audience is very important before drafting an email campaign. Starting your campaign right is the key to its success. Here’s a detailed article on how to define your email marketing audience: 10 Quick and Easy Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies.

Email Marketing Tip No. 2: Be consistent and time-bound

For an effective email marketing campaign, it is important to follow up & keep making an impression on your audience through your emails at regular intervals. And when we say email marketing is an art, it really is. You will have to experiment with your campaigns by sending them at the different time of the day, with different subject lines and different days of the week. After 2-3 campaigns, you will have proper timings, days of the week & words that work for your targeted audience. To get the most out of collected data, we recommend you maintain a good consistency with the emails.

Email Marketing Tip No. 3: The content of the Email

Keep the content of your mail short and to the point. It should not be lengthy and irrelevant. The prospects you will approach through your campaigns won’t have much time to read the lengthy emails and waiting for you to make a point or add value to their time. Thus we would advise you to keep your emails short, insightful and catchy.

Email Marketing Tip No. 4: The personalization of Emails

The worst thing you could do in email marketing campaigns is to let your prospects know they are one of the hundreds of people who have received the same email. Never send your campaigns directly from Gmail with 50-100 recipients in the ‘To‘ box. The prospect should feel that the mail was drafted specially for him and not for 100 more. The email should be addressed to him/her and should never be generalized with a “Hello sir or Madam”. This will give a sense of importance to the customer and better chances of converting a prospect into a customer.

Email Marketing Tip No. 5: Interesting Subject Line

It has been concluded that the content of the subject line is the most important part of the mail. It is the first impression of your email which makes a huge difference on the open rate of your marketing campaign. The recipient will take an action depending upon the content of the subject line. Thus, the subject should be attractive to read, short & simple and action generating.

Here are quick tips to write a perfect subject line for your next email marketing campaign:

  • Create urgency with words like “Now, Hurry Up, Limited offer” and such.
  • Pique their interest or make them curious by including words like “Don’t open, Last Day, Surprise inside, Why you should not ____”
  • Add offers in the subject lines to make it more interesting
  • Personalize the subject line with their names to catch their attention

Email Marketing Tip No. 6: Split your target audience

The target audience should be segmented into different categories in order to achieve the maximum outcome and return on your investment from the email marketing campaigns. When the target audiences are segmented into smaller segments, the marketing campaign becomes more effective and more interactive. You will add more value to the campaign and there will be properly defined call to actions generating more leads for your business.

Email Marketing Tip No. 7: Select a landing page

When the customers read your mail and get impressed, it is important to keep them indulged and bring them to your business website or better a specific landing page designed to convert your email audience into your paying customers. Thus, there should be a concise and interesting landing page which should be informative for the customer with an eye-catching call to action button. The landing page should have all the required details that a customer would like to know about the specific product or service.

Email marketing Tip No. 8: Make your email user-friendly

The recipients of your emails have different platforms where they can open your email. They might use their desktop, tablet, phones or nowadays even watches. So, it is advisable to make your emails as mobile-friendly as possible with the design and content. This will make your mail user-friendly and easily accessible. If your emails are user-friendly then you will see a spike in the open rates of your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Tip No. 9: Add Value to your emails

The emails will be of no use if they are not providing any value to the customers. If a customer is opening the mail, there should be something that would make your customer interested in your business. It can be any offer or any product discount, but it should be of some value to the customer and this added value will drive your customer to stay with your product or service or your potential prospects to turn into customers.

Email Marketing Tip No. 10: Analyze your campaigns frequently

Before you start an email marketing campaign, there must some goals/results you want to achieve from the same. And to achieve the same you might have put a lot of efforts, time & money, it is only natural you would want your email marketing campaigns to work.

So, as soon as your email marketing campaign is running, we would advise you to keep a close eye on the campaign and its results. Once you have sent a few campaigns, it is time to analyze each & every one of them and use the data to improve your future campaigns.

Compare the actual results with the set goals. Then, if there is any deviation in the results, it should be analyzed & corrected in the next campaign. These frequent observations will help you detect early drawbacks and allow you to make your future campaigns more effective.

Wrap Up:

So, these were some crucial tips that are required to draft and execute an effective email marketing campaign. There must be clear and defined goals that you are looking to achieve through any email campaign. When the specific campaign is planned according to the estimated needs and goals, it performs exceptionally and brings more returns than the amount invested in the campaign.

When an email marketing campaign is planned & executed properly with defined goals, it is seen that the business will make $44 on every dollar spent on the same.