In a world where the culture of entrepreneurship is exploding, the need for numerous marketing strategies is unavoidable. Amongst all the other marketing outlets, digital marketing has evolved and reached another level because of its efficient & productive outcomes. And out of all the digital marketing techniques, the email marketing is being rendered as the best of the lot.

In fact, it is being said in the year 2019 email marketing will be one of the preferred & to-go marketing techniques that would be in sleeves of all the budding entrepreneurs and even the established ones.

Why Email Marketing is the Most Beneficial Marketing Strategy for 2019?

Did you have any idea that in case of email marketing the ROI of every $1 spent is no less than $38 which is no less than a miracle?

According to the recent statistics, around 86% of B2B marketing agents make use of email campaigns to generate new and potential leads and enhance their business. For all the companies that are interested in going for inbound sales, email marketing is one trick that will optimize the system.

Now you might question why email marketing is more effective than the others?

Well, in recent years, the scenario of email marketing has evolved to the next level with productive integrations like contact management, target customer segmentation, campaign automation, and in-depth analysis of every taken during the course of establishing the campaign.

Besides the improved email marketing features, below listed are the benefits of email marketing that screams the “Best Investment for 2019.”

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Better Representation of Your Brand:

    • Email marketing is the easiest way to deliver your company message to your potential prospect designed according to your brand’s taste. Email is the preferred medium, by most of the professionals around the world, where they wouldn’t mind receiving a promotional message. Email newsletters are easier to design, maintain and they can be easily integrated with any email marketing apps like SendHippo. Such apps help you send emails in bulk & keep a closer tab on the success of such campaigns.

Saves Time

    • Apart from being the best way to reach to your potential prospect, email marketing also becomes your contact management system. It also stores the history of any point of contact between the company & the potential prospect to keep everyone in the team updated with the status of your leads. Email marketing tools like SendHippo with advanced features of campaign tracking, email designing, contact management & much more save your time with redundant everyday activities that don’t add much to the growth of your company.

Built-in Analytics

  • If you are spending a huge chunk of money on marketing, then it is only fair to track your campaigns & the ROI of the same. But except for Email marketing, other marketing platforms don’t provide in-depth analytics which can help you build effective future email marketing strategies integrating the insights from the previous campaigns. The built-in analytics also help you understand how your campaign is going and how you can improve your customer engagement and the retention rate.

Effective List Management

  • When you are running a business, your email contact list will get bigger and bigger by every passing day, and it will definitely get harder to manage thousands of contact information of potential prospects, clients, vendors, and colleagues. With the so many categories of contacts, you think it would be very hard to manage & work around such contact lists but we assure you it is not. With the email marketing, you get to have the efficient tools that help you in categorizing the different subscribers in variable lists so you can use the assortment more effectively.

Bulk Reach Out Made Risk Free

  • Every business has at least thousands of potential prospects, at any given time, that they would want to reach out to and demonstrate their product or services & how the same can save their time. And bulk messaging or bulk emailing is one of the best ways to reach efficiently. But with bulk emailing or email marketing, you have to be careful & make sure you are not harassing your potential prospect by reaching out too often or with irrelevant content. Email marketing runs the risk of getting your email address & IP address blocked but with the right tools & techniques that scenario rarely takes place.

Effective Reach Out at Appropriate Time

  • Reaching out at an appropriate time to your potential customer is everything. Hitting their Inbox when they are just browsing through their Inbox or during their lunch break or even at the start of their day when everything is about checking your emails. Every professional has a habit of checking their emails right after they wake up, immediately as they sit down on their desk, during their lunch, and before leaving for their office. With email marketing, contacting your prospect at the best time possible is the easiest thing. With features like email scheduling and campaign scheduling that allows you to send your campaigns & emails according to the time zones of your potential customers, email marketing stands out to be the best among marketing techniques.

Email Automation to Save Time

  • In this huge world of automatic systems, email automation is a must and the email Marketing tools have brought forth the system of auto-responders that has made it the easiest to create tailor-made custom replies for individual contacts whenever they ask a query or reply to your email marketing campaign. Even if you are not present at the moment or the query has come at odd hours, email automation takes care of your future clients by properly responding to their query & making sure that your business lead stays warm. In this digital world where the attention span of people is decreasing at an astonishing rate, email automation saves the day with its automated replies & follow-up feature.

Scale Your Business Easily

  • As your business grows with every passing day the need for better marketing campaigns, email designs, acute customer segmentation, and in-depth analysis of marketing campaigns will arise. And that’s when the Email marketing will play an important role. With more customers to reach out to in the same time frame, email marketing tools like SendHippo will save the day providing the perfect platform to contact, manage & retain your customers.

Wrap Up:

Automation was the talk of the town with marketing strategies in 2018 and it will stay the same in the upcoming years. Besides the technical benefits of email marketing, it adds a lot more value to your business growth. Additional reasons for choosing email marketing as your priority investment of 2019:

  • Helps you generate new leads
  • Retain your existing clients & keep in touch with them
  • Cost & time effective
  • Helps you personalize customer experience with your brand
  • Highest ROI
  • Easier to integrate with other apps