Gone are the days, when techniques like Email Blasts were used in Email Marketing, for sending bulk messages or alerts to the listed subscribers. Today’s customers need more than just information on offers in their mailbox. The marketers have thus resorted to sending personalized messages to increase the interest of their subscribers towards their products. This approach in digital marketing strategy is highly effective but the main challenge lies in sending the message to each person in your subscribers list with a special personal touch. The work is not complete till the time the subscribers engage with your mailers. Research shows that the main priority of the marketers is to increase subscribers’ engagement and automated email campaignsare playing a major role in achieving it. Listed below are the fantastic 5 ideas that would bring promising result in increasing subscribers’ engagement.

  1. Email List Management

You can segment your Email List and drive personalized campaigns based on the interests and requirements of subscribers in different segments. Like the broad segment can be new and existing customers. You can start sending a common welcome message and include an introductory offer or discount for the new customer segment by using the mailing list software available in the digital market today. The existing customers can be again broken down into segments based on their location, age, gender, profession, interests, travel history, purchase history. The easiest way to gather data for segmenting the email list would be by getting the customers fill the Sign-Up Form. You can then build customer profiles and target sending dedicated emails that would be designed according to their interests. This would definitely help to increase the subscribers’ engagement level and in turn bring in better ROI result.

  1. Email Automation System

Automated email campaigns have demonstrated nearly 50% conversion rate if used effectively because it aims to send the right message to the right person at the right time. A good email marketing automation software analyses the customer journeys and sends campaigns based on the triggers you have set. Just to elaborate on this, unlike the newsletters, customer journeys are designed just for once and campaigns are sent as soon as any customer qualifies the triggers set by you. Some examples of customer journeys are birthday offers, reminders, VIP campaigns or welcome letters. Hence, you are sending targeted emails to the relevant subscribers whenever required through automation. You can also assign the control with the subscribers in choosing their journey by selecting the frequency of receiving newsletters. The Email Automation system also analyses if these mailers are actually working or not, monitors the email conversion rates, number of clicks and help create a long-term relationship with the customers. It builds a brand stickiness amongst the customers.

  1. The Magic of Subject Line

With so many ads, promotional schemes and offers from different sources in your mail how do you segregate the emails that you would open from the ones you would delete? The subject line of any mail plays a major role in this and it has to be enthralling for the target subscribers. The best subject lines are ones with questions that would make the reader curious and persuade him to open the mail and know further. The subject line that highlights the scarcity also works wonders. If a mail headline contains a timeline on an attractive offer, the anxiety to miss out the deal works out definitely with the readers. Then there are subjects with announcements where in you can twig in catchy words like New for you or Update, which makes the readers feel that the mail has some new information for them. If a number is mentioned in the subject line, the chances of opening the mails increase by almost 55%. Try out subject lines with a surprise in store factor, because this can grab a reader’s attention and can also stimulate the reader’s interest to open the mail and read through.

  1. Personalise the emails

After you have followed the first two steps, your customer profiles would be ready with you. You need to identify the segment with the chosen subject line and add personalized content to finally win over your customer’s interests. Start sending emails with the name of the subscriber along with the campaign that would be useful for him at that moment. For this, you should select the right Email marketing tool. An Email Marketing Software with integration features should top your charts before finalising one. Through integration, the software provides you with tailored content for your customer segments by gathering information about their travel history, last purchase history, location and its season, events etc. You can also use the API (Application Program Interface) available on some software to build a customer integration with any other system. With the modern tools available you can get the best rate of conversion of your leads and increase your revenue per email.

  1. Content of the email

Once your customer is ready to open the email, the next important thing that should captivate them have to be the content and design of the email. The message has to be delivered in a crisp and creative manner at the same time. In the app age, the most important feature of your email should be that it is mobile and tablet friendly. The content you decide to write should be rich, dynamic, and offer value for the time the reader puts reading into reading your email. It should establish an instant connection with your subscriber along with your brand’s message. Customer success stories or news involving your brand can incite an immediate interest. The more enriching is your content the longer is the customer relationship with your brand. After the body of the email, it’s important for you to put your logo, relevant links to your website, contact information and share buttons for social media.

The success of the above 5 ideas depends on their effective implementation and constant up-gradation of mailing list and customer profiles.